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Snow Day Shut In (for real this time)

Well it’s day three of “Snowmageddon” here in balmy Atlanta. And while the novelty was peachy the first day and a half, let’s just say it’s worn off. Being of ambitious mind we did our fair share of baking, board game playing, closet cleaning and snowman making. And only three time-outs to boot! But now […]


Thermostat Woes

An old post from a former life…but the theme is universal. My former husband and I, how shall I put this…have severe thermal differences. If it were up to him our house would be used to store frozen meats for Costco. I, on the other hand, believe that a thermostat was meant to be used. […]

Sit, Stay, Eat

New Year, New Goals. Trying to train a new puppy while cooking dinner is not a good idea. It is a self-defeating idea. But after investing a large amount of money in a “guaranteed dog training program” we are supposed to be consistent with our training for two weeks. The goal is to become pack […]

*You can also add red peppers and water chestnuts for color.

Feeding Bob

“Bob’s in town from Seattle for the night. I told him he should come for dinner instead of eat at the hotel.” Of course. Um, who the hell is Bob again? “From accounting.” And we are having him for dinner because…he’s your boss? “No, just a guy from the Seattle office.” I get it. Yes, […]

Trendsetting at its Finest

Note to self: Next time you’re leaving for work, be sure and remove extra pair of kids’ tights hanging off of your person (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a way unrelated to airport security). It doesn’t do a thing for you when you’re trying to look cool among 20-something size 2 office […]

Anything But Cattle Call Buffet

Anything But Cattle Call Buffet

mmm…please pass the Salmonella   Whenever I ask my kids where they want to go for dinner they say one of two places:Chick- fil-A or Sweet Tomatoes. Chick-Fil-A is a Southern staple…a place out-of-towners wax poetic about when they visit. But if you live near one it’s just another place to get fat no matter […]

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