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Bring. On. The. Bread.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the market for some SERIOUS CARBS right now. I’m talking Pasta, Pizza, French Bread, Rye Bread, Bread Crumbs, Bread Pudding, or just good old fashioned White Bread…Southern style…with mayonnaise. Yeah, that’s how desperate I am for this stuff. It’s only been a week but not eating bread […]


What’s Old Is New Again

Trying to reinvent recipes you’ve cooked for years is not an easy task. But if you’re someone who gets bored easily (read: me) with food (subtext: routine, life, work, etc…) it’s up to you to find ways to bring those recipes back to life. Sometimes it works organically and you get divine inspiration to make […]


A Dash of Spring with a Touch of Reality

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. It’s scary. If I had more time to read the paper I’d feel well versed enough to discuss it in detail like I did in college. There are wars happening pretty much everywhere, teachers aren’t getting paid enough, kids bring weapons to school, natural disasters […]

Tastes great with a fork or a straw!

I Don’t Even Know What to Title This One…

Today’s chaos started when I realized my dog has a cold. I actually didn’t think that was possible. They can’t get stomach flu and they can’t get lice (two things I wish I didn’t know so much about) so I guess I’m lucky. But when your dog starts sneezing uncontrollably, is lethargic and won’t fetch, […]

Monday Scavenge

Have you tried those new Spring Oreos yet? Just had ’em for lunch and am thinking about eating them for dinner, too. Probably not the best idea. But today I’m house-bound with a sick kid so I need to scavenge to find something to cook tonight. I’ll spare you with the details but let’s just […]

Working From Home Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Tonight’s Dinner.  

Just Another Manic Monday...

Just Another Manic Monday…

It’s always refreshing when your dog goes to the bathroom in the middle of the floor during dinner. Under the kitchen table. Nothing sets the ambiance more than a glass of wine, a nicely assembled plate of pasta and a pile of poop. The smell has pretty much permeated throughout the entire house as we […]

Spelling Quiz

Crap, My Kid has a Spelling Test Tomorrow Noodle Thing

First grade, people. First grade. In theory, Thursdays seem like they’re going to be good days meal-wise but the truth is, someone always has a test on Friday which ruins the fact that it’s Thursday because you can’t go out to dinner. I don’t know about your school, but for some reason mine likes to […]

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