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No Snow Snow Day

I know, I know. I should relish these times. Soak in my children’s youth and adorableness. Well I’ll remember that later. But for now I’m not so psyched. Because lately, let’s just call a spade a spade. They’re a royal pain the butt and I’ve had it. But cooking with them is an option so […]


My Security Blanket

“Mommy, do you love your computer more than you love us?” is a question I get often.  The answer is obviously no but since the old saying “actions speak louder than words” applies I’m forced to explain myself. I have two daughters, one of whom carries around a stuffed animal head (that used to be […]

Snow Day Shut In (for real this time)

Well it’s day three of “Snowmageddon” here in balmy Atlanta. And while the novelty was peachy the first day and a half, let’s just say it’s worn off. Being of ambitious mind we did our fair share of baking, board game playing, closet cleaning and snowman making. And only three time-outs to boot! But now […]

My Boss is A Crock of...

My Boss is A Crock of…

Make fun of it all you want. Call me a Suzy Homemaker, QVC Junkie, Costco Connie. I don’t care. Because a crock pot will make your life (and subsequently the lives of those around you) a lot easier. Why? Because there is no other modern invention that I know of where you can pretty much […]

My Kitchen Chaos
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