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Get Your Christmas On

Gotta love the holiday cooking shows where the size two hostess is daintily putting the finishing touches on her holiday cookies in her subway tiled, perfectly decorated festive kitchen filled with hordes of cards hanging from bows on the mantle. So what if yours are Scotch taped to the mantle and are a little sparse […]


Bring. On. The. Bread.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the market for some SERIOUS CARBS right now. I’m talking Pasta, Pizza, French Bread, Rye Bread, Bread Crumbs, Bread Pudding, or just good old fashioned White Bread…Southern style…with mayonnaise. Yeah, that’s how desperate I am for this stuff. It’s only been a week but not eating bread […]


Grow Up

    I just read a really stupid article that touched a nerve. The topic: At what age should kids stop trick-or-treating? The comments were actually more poignant than the article itself. Some parents recommended age twelve, the confirmation year. The year that kids are ‘supposed’ to transition into mini-adults. Others suggested the ritual cease […]

Which Came First, the Bunny, the Matzah or the Guilt?…Roasted Asparagus

Been struggling with blog materials lately (can you tell? last post was more than two weeks ago) when it dawned on me that Passover coincides with Easter this year, almost to the day. And while I’m still scouring the shelves to find flour-free products, dodging the bountiful aisles of Peeps and chocolate bunnies because I’m […]


Whatever You Do This Summer, Don’t See This Movie

What do you get when you cross a really bad script with really bad actors, no plot, no B-story, and did I mention a really bad script? Let’s see…here are your choices: Robocop 3 Waterworld Anything starring Keanu Reeves Judy Moody and the I can’t even remember the rest of the title it was so […]

Break Out Your Pride

Since historical events usually happen in threes, I’m waiting for one more to be announced. We’ve already celebrated the Royal wedding ad nauseam and now Osama Bin Laden is dead. Hard to top the last one but am hoping the third will have something to do with backass Georgia finally agreeing to sell alcohol on […]

Real pack leaders eat steak and potatoes.

Discriminating Taste

  I’m being discriminated against and I don’t like it. Not one bit. And it’s not because of my skin color or my religion or my gender. It’s because of my dog. My sweet (not so little) rescue Hound/Lab/Boxer/1/18 Pitt mix that the friendly neighbors from my alleged friendly neighborhood seem to read as 100 […]

Politics As Usual

Isn’t it funny…the more you try to teach your kids how to avoid politics on the playground the more you run into them yourself? Why just yesterday I had a conversation with my older daughter about taking the high road. It took some time to get her to understand the concept after she came home […]

Monday Scavenge

Have you tried those new Spring Oreos yet? Just had ’em for lunch and am thinking about eating them for dinner, too. Probably not the best idea. But today I’m house-bound with a sick kid so I need to scavenge to find something to cook tonight. I’ll spare you with the details but let’s just […]


Breakfast Leftovers

Today started out with my five year old daughter having a fit because I told her that her pants were too big and she needed to change. When she refused I started singing “Pants on the Ground” and that’s when all hell broke loose. So now my older daughter calls her Pants on the Ground […]

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