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While We’re On the Subject of Allergies…

Is it just me or have allergies gotten completely out of control lately? Maybe I should rephrase…is it just me or have parents of kids with allergies gotten completely out of control lately? Now before you go batty on me, I am inserting myself into this dialogue because I also have a child with severe […]

Embracing Your Inner ADD

What some people call adult ADD I call multitasking. So what if a huge mound of laundry sits half folded for a week next to the suitcase from Thanksgiving that’s not exactly unpacked? Or if I get bored cleaning out the hall closet and abandon the project when something more interesting (read: anything else) comes […]

Sit, Stay, Eat

New Year, New Goals. Trying to train a new puppy while cooking dinner is not a good idea. It is a self-defeating idea. But after investing a large amount of money in a “guaranteed dog training program” we are supposed to be consistent with our training for two weeks. The goal is to become pack […]

Why Of Course I Love Spending New Year’s Eve at Home! Why Do You Ask?

Twenty years ago I watched ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and swore I’d go to one of those cool New Year’s Eve parties like Meg Ryan all dressed up in a funky loft. I’m still waiting. In the meantime, New Year’s Eve has typically become a night where we watch an old movie and cook something […]

“You’re only bringing one side to Thanksgiving?” Last Minute Addition

“You’re only bringing one side to Thanksgiving?” Last Minute Addition

My bad. I thought I was actually invited to your house this time. The squash dish was just a little something to show you how much I love you. I didn’t realize you were expecting me to bring more. That’s cool. I can do it. Sure, it’s no problem. Doesn’t matter that I’ve cooked like […]


My Mother-in-Law is Coming for Thanksgiving So I Better Have Something Kick Ass to Serve Squash Dish

Oh no you didn’t. Oh yes I did. Yeah, I’m going there. Even on day four of this blog. You know it’s been bothering you all month so you might as well start thinking about it now considering Thanksgiving is on Thursday. Now, before I continue I should duly note that 1) my mother-in-law is not […]

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