Everything In Its Place

by kitchenchaos | posted on: April 12th, 2011 |  1 Comment

Who doesn't need a Wasabi Pea dispenser?

There’s something about The Container Store that gives me inner peace, despite the fact that everything is triple the price of what I’d typically spend on a piece of plastic. Maybe it’s the smell. Or maybe it’s the color coordination of the flatware trays, cylindrical cereal tubes, snappy lunch gadgets, bamboo closet organizers or the best of all, the bins. Bins, bins, and more bins. Bins that are pink and bins that are yellow. Bins that are made for storing things you never knew you could store. Bins that are $50 and bins that are $100.¬†Who cares if they’re a rip off? They’re from The Container Store! And they make me feel a little¬†less chaotic, even just for a minute. It’s like taking a Xanax without the side effects. Just walk in and stand there. You don’t even have to buy anything. You’ll feel it. If it doesn’t work right away, take a few steps further back into the office area. You won’t find piles of papers, unpaid bills, cords to electronics you don’t even own anymore or home decor mags you just can’t seem to throw away. You’ll find wide open spaces, empty drawers, and containers that house containers. The money you’ll waste is worth the therapeutic properties alone.

Every spring I try really hard to get organized. It’s never a highly successful venture. I’ll start with one room, get bored and quickly move to another room, leaving several rooms 20 percent organized. But it’s the thought that counts. If you come over you’ll never know that ten minutes prior I threw everything somewhere. That’s my secret. Lots of cabinets. So until the day comes that I truly purge all of my junk, get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit, or file things where they belong, I’ll continue to make a weekly pilgrimage to The Container Store and get organized by osmosis.

I think tonight we’ll have a TV Dinner where the sandwich fits neatly in one of those cute little trays.

Grilled Cheese with Tomatoes and Tater Tots (just because there’s a spot for them in the tray and another spot for the Ketchup)

Remember that George Forman Grill from college? It really works.


  • Nine grain bread
  • Butter or margarine
  • White American Cheese (or try it with fresh mozzarella)
  • Fresh beefsteak tomatoes, sliced
  • *Throw a sprig of fresh basil in there for added flavor and cooking-show quality presentation
  • Tater Tots (frozen)


  1. Spread a little butter or margarine on two slices of nine grain bread.
  2. Place bread (butter side down) in skillet. Cook on Medium for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Place sliced cheese and sliced tomato on one piece of bread and lay other piece on top.
  4. Repeat for other sandwiches.
  5. Flatten sandwich with spatula and cook until cheese is fully melted, flipping as necessary.
  6. Cook Tater Tots according to directions.
  7. Serve in one of those little plastic trays from The Container Store that makes everything look orderly.

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