broccoli slaw

Broccoli Slaw Salad

This recipe goes along with the End of the Summer Salads Post! Broccoli Slaw (caution: there are measurements in this recipe!)


End of the Summer Salads…for your next party!

A friend of mine hosted an “End of the Summer Salads” dinner party last week. I was confused at first. Did this mean we were celebrating the salads that sat around all summer and we were going to eat them wilted? Or did it mean we would only be eating salads whose ingredients are available […]


Let’s Make Some Noise…Sizzling Summer Fajitas

I’ve been decoding my letters from my daughter, Talia to gauge how much fun she’s really having at sleep away camp. The first letter came to her sister, Ryan. It was abundantly loving, leading me to believe she wasn’t having any fun at all. “I miss you soooooooooooooo much and I can’t wait to see […]


Back to School Jitters…Cornflake Crumb Chicken

They look happy enough. So why am I crying? I’ve been unusually anxious over the past few weeks. You know, your typical can’t eat, eat too much, yell too much, stay away from me or you’ll be in time-out for no reason, and just a general feeling of unease. Didn’t quite know what it was […]

I know what you're thinking. Well it tastes awesome, trust me.

Too Many Piles: BBQ Brisket

I don’t know about you but I have an inordinate amount of piles in my house. Piles that get shifted to various locations depending on the goings on of the household. Typically mail piles are pretty much everywhere unless people are coming over. Then they get shoved into drawers. Which is really bad because bills […]

Homemade pizza

Memories of Madeline

I just came home from work to find my dog eating my rug. I’m pissed. But not just because he ate my rug and had the audacity to continue eating as I walked in. Because it’s a MADELINE WEINRIB rug that I got at ABC Carpet for a steal after finding it on the bottom […]


Why Aren’t We Plump and Perky Today – Crockpot Chicken Chili

If my daughter gets her period before age 11 can I sue Costco? I’m not kidding. Because I just happened to be shopping there over the weekend and couldn’t help but notice that every single piece of produce and every single slab of meat looks absolutely perfect. Perfect like this: And then I just happened […]


Blame It on Lorraine

Or is it The Rain? I don’t know. It’s too damn hot to think. How does one possibly stay cool when it’s 108 degrees? Douse oneself with ice cubes all day? Blast the AC and hole up at home? Move to Alaska? Every summer when there is some semblance of a heat wave somewhere, the […]


Mack Daddy of Chaos

*disclaimer* The following comments may or may not pertain to me. Thanksgiving. You can’t avoid it. It’s coming. In two days. And whether you love it or hate it, whether it brings together people you love or people you loathe, there’s one thing that rings true for all. It could possibly be the culmination of […]


Grow Up

    I just read a really stupid article that touched a nerve. The topic: At what age should kids stop trick-or-treating? The comments were actually more poignant than the article itself. Some parents recommended age twelve, the confirmation year. The year that kids are ‘supposed’ to transition into mini-adults. Others suggested the ritual cease […]


Floundering on Dinner…Panko Encusted Flounder

Lately I’ve been floundering on my meals. Just can’t seem to make the right turkey chili in the crock pot. Tossing salads (literally) because I’m not satisfied with the outcome. Botching brownies. Making mediocre meatballs. I need some fresh ideas. And once again it’s 5:53 pm and I’m left with my daily dilemma: what to […]

This salad is delicious and literally took five minutes to make.

Don’t Worry Mamma. Tonight, I’m Cleaning Out My Closet…Fall Salads

It took me about a week to figure out this was a zucchini. Whoops. I really should have noticed that back in July. But life just gets so busy, you know? Plus, what if it had been a science experiment for one of my daughter’s classes? I’d just feel terrible had I thrown it away. […]


Spring Chicken

Green may be the new black, small the new big, and pale the new tan, but I’m still trying to figure out who said 30 is the new 40. Because if given the choice, I’d take green, small and pale, but I’d also take 30. Wouldn’t you? I’d just want the knowledge of the years […]


Say Hello (and then goodbye!) to Fall…Pea Shoots, Apples and Cheese Salad

Ohh. Feels like fall! So, quick! Before it regresses back to 95 degrees in the shade, run, don’t walk to the nearest grocery store and stock up on pumpkins, bales of hay, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, and anything else that will get you feeling crispy!! Oh how I love, love, love fall! But alas, I know […]

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