My Apologies for Yesterday’s Post

It was just so wrong of me to leave that last post up for so long. The ‘incident’ with the Windex and the shoes really threw me for a loop . My apologies. There is no place for bugs in a food blog. So it won’t happen again. But I don’t have much to say […]

I Won’t Offend You By Posting a Picture

So here’s one that’ll kill any dinnertime mood. COCKROACH. BIG.  FAT. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY #*$***S$%@ HO– USE COCKROACH. I HATE HATE HATE these things. They are rude. They are intrusive. They are freaking scary looking. And they have NO PLACE IN MY KITCHEN let alone my life. So what do I do? […]

California Dreamin’

I’ve been on a cooking hiatus for a few weeks because I haven’t been in my kitchen. It’s easy to go on a cooking hiatus in Southern California because anywhere you turn you can find amazing food. Fresh…everything. Vegetables. Fruit. Sushi. Ice Cream. Attitude. So I’ll just call my cooking hiatus R&D to make myself […]


Whatever You Do This Summer, Don’t See This Movie

What do you get when you cross a really bad script with really bad actors, no plot, no B-story, and did I mention a really bad script? Let’s see…here are your choices: Robocop 3 Waterworld Anything starring Keanu Reeves Judy Moody and the I can’t even remember the rest of the title it was so […]

Alphabet nutella on white

Today’s Post Brought To You by the letter “C”

… as in ‘C’rap, I have no idea what’s for dinner. And ‘C’lutter, since that’s all I see. A daily occurrence, really. It usually hits right around 4 pm when everyone descends upon me. And, unlike my other friends, I haven’t done my grocery shopping for the week because I still have a city mentality […]

A Mother’s Day Thought

Since this is both a cooking and a parenting blog I should probably offer something up for Mother’s Day. Okay. My hope is that I’ll be doing neither on Sunday (cooking nor parenting). My cooking recommendations are as follows: Breakfast: The Four Seasons Mid-morning snack: Haagen Dazs Lunch: The Ritz Carlton Afternoon Snack: Payard Dinner: Daniel And one last before […]



Sorry. I lied on yesterday’s post. You don’t have the recipe for the yummy chicken burgers. My bad. So how in the world are you going to be able to celebrate your {insert type of pride} pride without the chicken burger recipe? You can’t. It’s impossible. So, here it is. Happy BBQing. *Note* this does […]

Break Out Your Pride

Since historical events usually happen in threes, I’m waiting for one more to be announced. We’ve already celebrated the Royal wedding ad nauseam and now Osama Bin Laden is dead. Hard to top the last one but am hoping the third will have something to do with backass Georgia finally agreeing to sell alcohol on […]


What’s Old Is New Again

Trying to reinvent recipes you’ve cooked for years is not an easy task. But if you’re someone who gets bored easily (read: me) with food (subtext: routine, life, work, etc…) it’s up to you to find ways to bring those recipes back to life. Sometimes it works organically and you get divine inspiration to make […]

Matzah Mystery

So here’s a question. If the Jews were in such a hurry to get out of Egypt and didn’t have time to let their bread rise, wouldn’t it have been much easier to make tortillas? Seriously, I’m really trying to figure this out. Take a look at this: And now look at this: If you […]

Everything In Its Place

There’s something about The Container Store that gives me inner peace, despite the fact that everything is triple the price of what I’d typically spend on a piece of plastic. Maybe it’s the smell. Or maybe it’s the color coordination of the flatware trays, cylindrical cereal tubes, snappy lunch gadgets, bamboo closet organizers or the […]

Scramble Central

For the most part, weekend chaos is pretty much the same as weekday chaos, only with a change in activities and outfits. The Monday through Friday drill of getting dressed, making beds, walking/feeding/training dog, helping with lunches, scrambling to make it in the car by 7:30, going to work, racing to carpool, eating a snack, […]


Just Pay For It

No, dad. You can’t put my kids in the front seat of your SUV…together. No, they can’t go to dinner at Chops Steak House at 9 pm on a school night. Um, yes, they should be accompanied by an adult (preferably you) if they need to go to the bathroom at the movie theater. Are […]

Real pack leaders eat steak and potatoes.

Discriminating Taste

  I’m being discriminated against and I don’t like it. Not one bit. And it’s not because of my skin color or my religion or my gender. It’s because of my dog. My sweet (not so little) rescue Hound/Lab/Boxer/1/18 Pitt mix that the friendly neighbors from my alleged friendly neighborhood seem to read as 100 […]

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