Just Pay For It

No, dad. You can’t put my kids in the front seat of your SUV…together. No, they can’t go to dinner at Chops Steak House at 9 pm on a school night. Um, yes, they should be accompanied by an adult (preferably you) if they need to go to the bathroom at the movie theater. Are […]

Real pack leaders eat steak and potatoes.

Discriminating Taste

  I’m being discriminated against and I don’t like it. Not one bit. And it’s not because of my skin color or my religion or my gender. It’s because of my dog. My sweet (not so little) rescue Hound/Lab/Boxer/1/18 Pitt mix that the friendly neighbors from my alleged friendly neighborhood seem to read as 100 […]


A Dash of Spring with a Touch of Reality

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. It’s scary. If I had more time to read the paper I’d feel well versed enough to discuss it in detail like I did in college. There are wars happening pretty much everywhere, teachers aren’t getting paid enough, kids bring weapons to school, natural disasters […]

Makes all the Momflict just go away...


I don’t like having conflict with other moms. It’s uncomfortable. It’s awkward. It’s juvenile. It’s “Momflict.” But every now and then a girl has to speak up, right? So I did. And it was uncomfortable. And it was awkward. And it was just a weeee bit juvenile. It happened last week when my daughters were […]

Tastes great with a fork or a straw!

I Don’t Even Know What to Title This One…

Today’s chaos started when I realized my dog has a cold. I actually didn’t think that was possible. They can’t get stomach flu and they can’t get lice (two things I wish I didn’t know so much about) so I guess I’m lucky. But when your dog starts sneezing uncontrollably, is lethargic and won’t fetch, […]

Politics As Usual

Isn’t it funny…the more you try to teach your kids how to avoid politics on the playground the more you run into them yourself? Why just yesterday I had a conversation with my older daughter about taking the high road. It took some time to get her to understand the concept after she came home […]

Bowls, Bowls Everywhere

Why is it that food always looks more appetizing when it’s displayed in little bowls? Even food that you wouldn’t normally eat. You should try it sometime with your kids. How many times have they come home from school and automatically run to the fridge to grab the carrots? Yeah, like never. But let’s just […]

Monday Scavenge

Have you tried those new Spring Oreos yet? Just had ’em for lunch and am thinking about eating them for dinner, too. Probably not the best idea. But today I’m house-bound with a sick kid so I need to scavenge to find something to cook tonight. I’ll spare you with the details but let’s just […]


My Security Blanket

“Mommy, do you love your computer more than you love us?” is a question I get often.  The answer is obviously no but since the old saying “actions speak louder than words” applies I’m forced to explain myself. I have two daughters, one of whom carries around a stuffed animal head (that used to be […]


Breakfast Leftovers

Today started out with my five year old daughter having a fit because I told her that her pants were too big and she needed to change. When she refused I started singing “Pants on the Ground” and that’s when all hell broke loose. So now my older daughter calls her Pants on the Ground […]

It's pink enough for Valentine's right?

How I Waste Time

I’m sitting at my second office (Panera Bread) doing what I do best — procrastinating and watching other people. It’s an extremely productive way to waste time. Here come two 30-somethings dressed in jeans and cute tops. C’mon, give me something to chew on. No, I’m not interested in hearing about your cookie exchange. Next. […]


I Got Nothing For You Cuz It’s Just One of Those Days

On my left I’m staring at a huge heap of laundry that I have been ignoring since Saturday. On my right a pile has appeared out of nowhere consisting of, let’s see…an off-limits poultry shears used for an art project, some beads, an unpacked lunch box, surgical gloves, one sock and a half eaten dog […]

While We’re On the Subject of Allergies…

Is it just me or have allergies gotten completely out of control lately? Maybe I should rephrase…is it just me or have parents of kids with allergies gotten completely out of control lately? Now before you go batty on me, I am inserting myself into this dialogue because I also have a child with severe […]


Double Standards

How’s it that when the dad goes out of town, it’s business as usual but when the mom goes out of town, anyone who’s ever been, wanted to be or even said the word “mother” comes out of the woodwork to help take care of the poor soul? Recently I went away for the weekend. […]

My Kitchen Chaos
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