Sit, Stay, Eat

New Year, New Goals. Trying to train a new puppy while cooking dinner is not a good idea. It is a self-defeating idea. But after investing a large amount of money in a “guaranteed dog training program” we are supposed to be consistent with our training for two weeks. The goal is to become pack […]

Why Of Course I Love Spending New Year’s Eve at Home! Why Do You Ask?

Twenty years ago I watched ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and swore I’d go to one of those cool New Year’s Eve parties like Meg Ryan all dressed up in a funky loft. I’m still waiting. In the meantime, New Year’s Eve has typically become a night where we watch an old movie and cook something […]

Turkey Dogs Gone Awry

Guess not every night can be a culinary success. Looks like we’ll be ordering pizza for dinner.

Totally Rad Salmon

When I was young and wanted a snack my mom would always tell me to “Have a nice piece of fruit.” I hated that phrase. First of all, fruit isn’t nice and second of all, I didn’t want fruit. No kid wants fruit for a snack. They want brownies. So I always have to laugh […]


No Snow Snow Day

I know, I know. I should relish these times. Soak in my children’s youth and adorableness. Well I’ll remember that later. But for now I’m not so psyched. Because lately, let’s just call a spade a spade. They’re a royal pain the butt and I’ve had it. But cooking with them is an option so […]

*You can also add red peppers and water chestnuts for color.

Feeding Bob

“Bob’s in town from Seattle for the night. I told him he should come for dinner instead of eat at the hotel.” Of course. Um, who the hell is Bob again? “From accounting.” And we are having him for dinner because…he’s your boss? “No, just a guy from the Seattle office.” I get it. Yes, […]


Me Versus the Fridge

The Sunday night pit is starting to sink in and it’s only 9:52 am. Not a good sign for the week ahead, especially since this week is the last one before two weeks of no school. Call me a downer (I call it a realist) but I’m trying to decide which person/scenario is going to […]

Trendsetting at its Finest

Note to self: Next time you’re leaving for work, be sure and remove extra pair of kids’ tights hanging off of your person (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a way unrelated to airport security). It doesn’t do a thing for you when you’re trying to look cool among 20-something size 2 office […]

Anything But Cattle Call Buffet

Anything But Cattle Call Buffet

mmm…please pass the Salmonella   Whenever I ask my kids where they want to go for dinner they say one of two places:Chick- fil-A or Sweet Tomatoes. Chick-Fil-A is a Southern staple…a place out-of-towners wax poetic about when they visit. But if you live near one it’s just another place to get fat no matter […]

Just Another Manic Monday...

Just Another Manic Monday…

It’s always refreshing when your dog goes to the bathroom in the middle of the floor during dinner. Under the kitchen table. Nothing sets the ambiance more than a glass of wine, a nicely assembled plate of pasta and a pile of poop. The smell has pretty much permeated throughout the entire house as we […]

How to Be Gone for an Entire Day and Feed Your Family Without Them Actually Knowing You're Out of the House

How to Be Gone for an Entire Day and Feed Your Family Without Them Actually Knowing You’re Out of the House

Black Friday. It’s a day I typically could care less about. Actually that’s not true. I do care. It’s just that I haven’t been to the mall the day after Thanksgiving in about ten years. The reason for this isn’t because I don’t like to shop. It’s because taking an entire day to myself to […]

“You’re only bringing one side to Thanksgiving?” Last Minute Addition

“You’re only bringing one side to Thanksgiving?” Last Minute Addition

My bad. I thought I was actually invited to your house this time. The squash dish was just a little something to show you how much I love you. I didn’t realize you were expecting me to bring more. That’s cool. I can do it. Sure, it’s no problem. Doesn’t matter that I’ve cooked like […]


My Mother-in-Law is Coming for Thanksgiving So I Better Have Something Kick Ass to Serve Squash Dish

Oh no you didn’t. Oh yes I did. Yeah, I’m going there. Even on day four of this blog. You know it’s been bothering you all month so you might as well start thinking about it now considering Thanksgiving is on Thursday. Now, before I continue I should duly note that 1) my mother-in-law is not […]

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