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Rise Up! Roll Up!

Published on: 01-22-2017

Rise Up. I just like saying that. I don’t know what it means as it relates to the game. In fact, I don’t know a lick about football. I barely know who’s playing in today’s playoff game but I’ll be damned if I’m the only one who doesn’t have the cute gear. So I’ll make this quick because I need to go shopping for Falcon’s clothing. And food. Because if there’s anything that makes sense about football it’s this: snacks. Football days are days when you can eat snacks all day long and it’s allowed. Cheese dips, spinach puffs, mushroom caps, turkey wraps. You name it; I’m eating it. And I don’t even care if the legit football people are in one room watching the game because that just means there’s more space around the food for me. I’ll give them their token tray of chips and guac but if they really want the good stuff, they’ll just have to come and get it. It’s a jolly day for all. Men can act like three-year-olds, kids delight in the fact that there are no real meals all day, and the rest of the non-watchers can stand around and dish about anything for a few hours while eating crap they’d never touch the rest of the year. Don’t forget the fact that wine and beer are free-flowing. It’s a win-win.

So what are we making? I could be so literal and write something about bread “rising up” or make biscuits or something. But that would be too easy. Remember, this is a blog about chaos and things aren’t planned in advance. So I won’t rise up. I’ll roll up.

Turkey and Veggie Roll-Ups


One package Lavash Bread (You can buy this in the grocery store -- don't worry, I had never heard of it either until I saw it).
Rondele Garlic and Herb Cheese Spread (you can also experiment with sun-dried tomato spread or other flavors but I like the original).
Package of Guacamole (Costco has good squeezable ones).
Package of shredded lettuce
1 diced tomato
Slices of munster cheese
Turkey or roast beef (optional)
1 package Hummus if you're doing veggie roll ups.


Lay Lavash bread on large flat surface.
Spread Rondele cheese on bread, leaving 1/2 inch at the end.
Place pieces of Munster cheese on bread to form one layer.
Top with guacamole and spread over cheese (keep it flat).
Add one layer of turkey or roast beef (don't pile, just lay flat).
Sprinkle some shredded lettuce and a few tomatoes on top.
Roll up bread tightly while holding together.
Wrap entire bread roll in plastic wrap.
Cut roll in circles and place a toothpick in each circle.
Place circles on colorful team coordinated trays and serve.

I love Sour Patch Kids. I'd eat Ranch dressing on my shoe. My kids think I like my computer more than I like them. I have road rage.

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