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Horizontal photo of single pouched egg with few water bubbles on surface after boiling and flowing orange yolk. Egg is placed on black slate stone with nice surface with red ketchup and green herb.

Friends with Benedicts

The title alone of this post is worthy of the post itself. So I’ll cut to the chase. I have lots of friends. But there are only certain ones with whom I’d share ‘Benedicts.’ Because Benedicts fall into the category of Very. Special. Friends. Friends with whom you can share Very. Personal. Food. Examples of such […]

Scrambled eggs

Sayonara Stove!…Scrambled Eggs with Scallions and Cheese

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve posted I almost forgot I had a blog. I think the chaos got the best of me. That happens every now and then. I sort of go into a little funk and disappear, resorting to things that can be boiled or nuked for sustenance. But then I wake […]

Mimosa Cocktail on a white background

A Mother’s Day Wish…Grapefruit MOMosa

Today’s post is dedicated to Angie Reyer Kotarski, a mom worthy of every collective Mother’s Day wish in the world. Our family met Angie ten years ago when we lived in Durham, North Carolina for my husband’s medical fellowship. We moved into the same apartment complex -right next door to each other- for a one […]

Poached Egg Breakfast

Poach This…Poached Eggs with Spinach and Mushrooms

To know me is to know that I’ll pretty much do anything for you. Need a kid picked up or dropped off when you’re in a bind? Just ask. Don’t have a place to go for the holidays? Door’s open and food’s a plenty. Having a mommy meltdown? Let’s go for a drink. But poach […]


Birthday Party Math…Zucchini Bread

As much as I’d like to say the birthday party went off without a hitch, well, there were a few snafus. Let’s just say that having your eight-year-old in charge of the main activity for 15 little girls was about as frustrating as putting together an IKEA Bjorkin desk with sixteen drawers and extra parts. […]


Karma-geddon 2011…Strawberry Jam

Well isn’t this just my luck? The one time I step foot in Los Angeles is when they decide to shut down the 405 -only the largest highway system in the entire universe- for a little ‘weekend construction.’ My timing couldn’t be better. In what has already been coined “Carmaggedon 2011” I am reminded of […]

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