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Happy Valentine’s Day! Eat Something PINK!

I’m sitting at my second office (Panera Bread) doing what I do best — procrastinating and watching other people. It’s an extremely productive way to waste time. Here come two 30-somethings dressed in jeans and cute tops. C’mon, give me something to chew on. No, I’m not interested in hearing about your cookie exchange. Next. […]


Floundering on Dinner…Panko Encusted Flounder

Lately I’ve been floundering on my meals. Just can’t seem to make the right turkey chili in the crock pot. Tossing salads (literally) because I’m not satisfied with the outcome. Botching brownies. Making mediocre meatballs. I need some fresh ideas. And once again it’s 5:53 pm and I’m left with my daily dilemma: what to […]

My Kitchen Chaos
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